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Guidelines For Book Reviews
The review should give the reader a good idea of what the book is like. This includes form as well as substance. Please note the following guidelines as a framework for your review:

  • 1 - The review is intended as a critical précis of 1500 [max] words (approx. 3-4 double spaced pages).
  • 2 - Indicate the discipline or specialization to which the book belongs and the audience(s) it addresses.
  • 3 - Provide a summary of the book’s main argument or theme, and how the various chapters/sections relate to the main argument. If the book is an edited collection describe how each chapter contributes to the overall theme.
  • 4 - Appraise the book, noting strengths and weaknesses (i.e. integrity of main argument, evidence to support argument(s), organization of material, etc).
  • 5 - Point out the significance of the book to the field and its relation to other works, including how the book can be used and in what aspects.
  • 6 - Mention any contribution or relevance to Islamic thought.
  • 7 - Provide page numbers for quotations.
  • 8 - Give no citations. If a book/article needs to be referenced, include the bibliographical details in the text.
  • 9 - Where relevant, note all contents of the book, i.e., sections, chapters, and their titles, as well as photographs, maps and illustrations, if any.
  • 10 - Indicate bibliographical information i.e., no. of pages or, where relevant, indices and appendices.
  • 11 - Sign and return book review contract.
  • 12 - Please submit the review by email, preferably attached as a Word document, to the Book Review Editor, Younus Mirza, Ph.D. @ book.review@iiit.org.