"This issue of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences features two important articles: Sarah Marusek’s ethnographic study of a grassroots Islamic movement in Lebanon reconfiguring (even resisting) secularism and neoliberalism, and Madiha Tahseen and Charissa S.L. Cheah’s empirical study of the formation of American Muslim adolescents. Also featured is an extended interview with the renowned anthropologist, Talal Asad."

Ovamir Anjum
The Editor


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Published: 2018-01-01


Beyond Secular Liberalism

Sarah Marusek
Abstract 110 |

Page 1-30

Who Am I? The Social Identities of Muslim-American Adolescents

Madiha Tahseen, Charissa S.L. Cheah
Abstract 121 |

Page 31-54